Anchor House Bible College Kauai

Thirty paces from the back porch of the Anchor House is a whole different
world; acres and acres of untouched land now strewn with cactus and mesquite
trees and inhabited by a small herd of cattle and goats as well as lots of chickens.
(This land is government owned but leased to a local cowboy)
Looking out at this scenery one might think they landed in Texas rather than

With the arrival of explores and traders the island population were soon
adding steaks and drumsticks to their menu of boar meat and fish and licking their
lips for other exotic goodies their world had never known.
Hearing the mooing and bleating from the other side of the fence with the
ocean in the distance, will remind students that in spite of what they see and
hear…they are not in Kansas anymore, especially if they spin around to see the
banana patch and coconut trees sprouting around the Anchor House property.
Diversity abounds both in the natural surroundings as well as the student
body who come from different places and backgrounds and bring their accents,
experiences and culture into a place where the culture of the Kingdom of God is the
thing that unites us all.

Rick Werts is a mason by trade, the owner of a construction company based in the state of Kansas. But being a mason is not his real vocation, it is a skill in the tool box of his actual job; a minister of the Gospel.

We tend to think of people in ministry as those who deliver a sermon in church or teach Bible studies, but guys like Rick are Christians who feel called to use their skills, talents and resources to partner in creating the places where ministry can be done.

On his own dime, Rick has travelled all over the world helping various missions and ministries with his skill.

He has had his heart broken in India as he saw the hopelessness that severe poverty brings and he has trudged through jungles and deserts in service of ministries who needed him.

And Rick even showed up on Kauai to lend a hand with block work on the Anchor House…all out his own pocket.

As Rick tells it, his reason for leaving Kansas and heading to the Anchor House construction site was because he believes in the mission that the school is all about. He wants to see the location he threw his sweat and effort into becoming a nest that hatches future faith leaders, better husbands, wives, parents, wiser business people and laborers and more shimmering Christ followers.

We thank Rick and men and women like him who through their gifts, their resources and their ideas are making the Anchor House a reality to the glory of God.

The Anchor House School of the Bible has been designed to be different. 

It is small, only 40 students. 

It is as experience driven, as it is intellectually stimulating. 

It is a family more than it is a school. 

It has its own personality but is also embedded into the life of the Kauai Christian Fellowship community.

It is designed to help students discover how the risen Christ lives in and through them rather than being focused on achieving high marks with classwork.

It honors the ancient creeds of the Faith and the Bible as God’s word but communicates and expresses those truths in ways that make sense in everyday life.

One of the things which makes the Anchor House unique is the vast array of fascinating Bible teachers who stop in to lecture for a week. Many of these lecturers are well known experts in their field and have given their time to share wisdom from their arena of specialties with our students.  

Our guest teachers are typically housed in the Anchor House Guest Quarters (We have a private 530sq foot studio with a bath reserved for our guest lecturers) and will often share meals and be available for conversations outside of the classroom.

We work hard and we play hard.

We will normally have between 12 and 16 hours of class time each week with Sunday and Mondays set aside for worship, relaxation, exploration and adventure. 

The Anchor House experience is designed to knit students into practical ministries and into the Ohana of the local community who, from time to time will invite them into their homes. (Just make sure to leave your shoes at the door) 

Our attendees may only be here for nine months but they will make lifetime friends on the island. 

We put a time-lapse camera on a pole near the Anchor House construction site. 

             The idea was to give people an inkling of our progress as well as having a documented record of the whole project that we can watch in awe when there are students pouring out of the spaces where only sticks of lumber now appear.

We think it is interesting to watch the stages of development of any project and for that matter, even a person. 

All of us are works in progress…and as continuing works in progress there may come a day when our personal construction comes to an end that God gives us a time-lapse glimpse of how we grew and flourished…or for some, sadly, how they sprouted and then deteriorated. 

But for right now, the view from here is, as C.S. Lewis once said about the progress of faith; “Further up and further in”.

So please keep checking back to see what is happening with construction of the Anchor House. We hope it might someday be you pouring out of what is currently sticks of lumber.

Christianity is ultimately a team endeavor.

Our faith starts individually as a full surrender of ourselves to the will and desires of God, but very soon we find that we are commissioned to live out our faith with others who have likewise put their trust in Christ.

And this is where it gets interesting in both a challenging way and in an enriching way.

God does amazing things with individuals but He does even more amazing things with a group of people.

A soloist can make wonderful music by they can never achieve the stunning complexity of an orchestra. 

In the same way many hands can make not only quick or “light work” but magnificent work as well. Witness the fact from the video above where dozens of people showed up to plant the panax hedges that line the road of the Anchor house. (A job that took only a few hours rather than a few days by a solo worker)

As we travel shoulder to shoulder with other believers we find that some of our unrealized, but annoying “rough edges” get rubbed off. This is often how God uses other believers to do His transforming purposes.

At the Anchor House there is no escaping being part of God’s big team, a team that will sometimes unwittingly scrape against your rough spots but also a team that will help mold you into His image.

One of the interesting things about construction projects is the perceived speed and slowness of the job.

At first little seems to be accomplished as the work is mostly on ground level with grading, compacting and pouring a foundation, a process that seems to drag on and on. 

Then suddenly, wood stud walls start to go up, often two or three sides of the house a day giving the skeleton appearance of the final building.

Then the roof is slapped on and the siding put in place. 

All these things seem to happen quickly.

And the it is back to slow as the plumbers, electricians, dry wall crews take their turns.

Often our Christian life grows in similar spurts or long haul seasons. There are times where we sense our heart and mind blooming with things of God and there are times where our growth is slow…almost unnoticeable, much more internal than external.

This is the beautiful but complex cadence of how God seems to work in the lives of most of those who seek him.

For example, an experience such as the Anchor House may, for many, be like drinking from a fire hose, but it is not an experience to try to duplicate over and over again as our lives take on spiritual growth in a different way and a different pace.

Whether you are considering a gap year, not quite sure exactly what you want to do at this stage in your life or simply eager to drink deep of Spiritual wisdom before you launch, we would invite you to consider a few reasons the Anchor House might be just what you are looking for.

1. The Opportunity For A Firm Foundation of Faith

The world is not a particularly friendly place for someone who wants to spend their life trudging behind Christ. There will be a lot of people who will contest your faith on many levels. A year at the Anchor House will give you the tools to offer well thought out and rational answers which are Biblical and intellectually sound to those who may challenge the integrity of what you have put your trust in.

You will hear from and spend time with some of the most respected and gifted men and women in today’s Christian world.

2. The Chance To Be A World Changer

The Anchor house is a place for those who want to put what they believe into action. It is a place that will give you the tools to handle the Word of God with confidence and stoke your imagination to explore what skills, gifts and abilities the Creator has built into you for the purpose of living out His love and life through you to help change the world.

3. To Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime

The location of the Anchor house on one of the most beautiful and varied places on earth will give you a chance to explore and experience wondrous things for the first time. From the marvels under the ocean to the breathtaking vistas of the Na Pali Coast or the Waimea Canyon, the jewels of God’s creation are right at your fingertips. 

Layered on to the beauty of nature is the opportunity to experience new cultures, new food and a cadence of life unique to the islands.

4. To Make Amazing Friendships

The Anchor House is a small school experience with only 40 spots for students so making friends is easy and getting lost in the crowd next to impossible. Your fellow students will come from all walks of life and backgrounds and by getting to know them it will make your life richer.

5. You Will Come Home With The Ability To Be Useful

One of the unique things about being part of the Anchor House crew is that you will have personal mentoring, much like an internship in a specific area of ministry of your choosing led by local experts in that area of service. Wherever you end up in life you will have a resume of experience doing ministry that will help bless the community of faith that you are part of.

When a structure is finished it is the final product that most people judge the craftsmanship by. It is the sturdy exterior, the stylish interior and the various colors and accruements by which most determine the value of the house.

But it is what one can’t see; the plumbing weaving under the concrete slab, the electrical wiring snaking through the walls, the metal rods and mesh imbedded underfoot, the hurricane clips invisibly giving security that make the beautiful exterior a thing of true worth…and will give it the endurance to survive the test of time and use.

As it is with buildings, so it is with people.

What lies underneath the polished surface of a person is what makes all the difference. As Jesus said, “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

The primary interest of the Anchor House team is helping to ensure that what is unseen and hidden in the hearts of our students is secure and placed properly so that in the long run, their lives will flourish.

The soil has lain fallow for years.

            At one time its rocky ground was plowed and sown with seeds that would produce sugar cane for the sweet tooth of America and beyond. But when those crops became unviable to produce and government subsidies vanished so did the harvests that they once offered.

            Now the land is being broken again, the weeds scrubbed away and in the place of things to sweeten tea a building is being erected whose purpose is to offer the sweetness of a deep and satisfactory connection with God.

            The land that once grew stiff cane will now sow the seeds that lead to the fruit of the Spirit in every heart where they are allowed to grow.

            Check back and watch as the transformation takes place month by month.

It is one thing to have an idea, it is another to see that idea transformed into reality.

During the last several years we started putting together the ingredients needed to turn the concept of the Anchor House into reality.

We set designers to work creating a concept of the space that would house around 40 students. We formed a board and created bylaws to help our team make wise decisions. We spent hours grilling those who run similar yearlong Bible Schools to make sure that we learned from their failures and successes.  We created a budget and started raising funds. 

All the time our concentration was to do this new work with excellence and honor to God. We would work within His timetable, not ours.

We grabbed the 2 acre lot that would someday be the home for the Anchor house so that we could get a better idea of where to place the buildings and the fruit trees that would someday shower students with mangos, bananas, avocados and tangerines.

And we submitted our design drawings to the local planning departments for approval. 

Then we gave thanks and prayed.

There is a very cool custom in Hawaii that I have not found anywhere else in the United States. It is called “A Blessing”.

When a new building breaks ground or store is opened, when a State highway project is unveiled for use there is a blessing.

It is public and it happens for projects that are government run or secular.

The blessing is simply a prayer of thanks and request for safety or success that offered to God for the particular endeavor.

This custom harkens back to the time when Hawaii was actually a Christian nation. When it became a state, the custom remained.

In the early summer of 2021 the plans for the Anchor House had been approved and funding secured. It was time for the bulldozers to break ground…but not before there was a blessing.

On Sunday afternoon the leadership of Kauai Christian Fellowship and the board of the Anchor House gathered with the folks who would be doing construction for a short blessing.

We prayed for safety on the job, we gave thanks for God’s provision and His fingerprints on this enterprise and we asked that what would soon take place on the red dirt of a field on Kauai would be a blessing to all nations.

The strength and integrity of any construction depends on the foundation. Jesus pointed this out with his teaching on the house built on the rock and the one erected on the sand.

What is true in the construction of a house is just as true in the construction of a life.

Foundations don’t just happen. They are done with care and intention. They are measured, laid out and prepared for. They are the product of a team of experts, able and skilled in their craft.

As we watch the process now in play for the first floor of the Anchor House we realize that what we are currently building and what we hope to accomplish is the same; a strong foundation built on Christ Himself, created step by step in the lives of those who walk through the doors. 

For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Cor.3:11