Life at the Anchor House

The Anchor House is a Christian community whose main purpose is to drink deep of the truths of the Bible, serve Christ as Lord and develop the skills to be a leader in the church of the future. The surf, the sun and the outdoor opportunities are a bonus not the main point. 

We would ask that those who apply examine their heart motivation to make sure it resonates with the desire to grow in the knowledge of the Word and deepen their relationship with the living Christ.

The Anchor House is a deep dive of learning, serving and becoming trained in the skill of doing ministry in various areas. Our weekly schedule includes required classes and times of serving both on the campus and in areas of ministry (even if the surf is good). 

The close proximity of the Anchor House to the beach areas good for recreation means that cars are not needed.  We have a fleet of bicycles and a few vans that will help transport you to where you need to go during your free time.

Discovering Ohana

The Hawaiian idea of “Ohana” or family is strong in the Anchor House. You will not only make friends for life among your fellows students but you will be grafted into the life of a local church and be adopted into their various Ohanas  during your stay.

Discovering Culture

Hawaii is part of the United States but it has its own very unique culture. You will get a chance to taste unfamiliar food, hear the English language in a way you may never have before (Hawaiian Pidgin) and trade in your shoes and socks for “rubba slippahs”…which you will be required to leave at the door whenever you enter a house.

You will also discover the amazing Christian heritage that the islands have been blessed with.

Want to join us?