Five Reasons You Might Want To Spend A School Year At The Anchor House

Whether you are considering a gap year, not quite sure exactly what you want to do at this stage in your life or simply eager to drink deep of Spiritual wisdom before you launch, we would invite you to consider a few reasons the Anchor House might be just what you are looking for.

1. The Opportunity For A Firm Foundation of Faith

The world is not a particularly friendly place for someone who wants to spend their life trudging behind Christ. There will be a lot of people who will contest your faith on many levels. A year at the Anchor House will give you the tools to offer well thought out and rational answers which are Biblical and intellectually sound to those who may challenge the integrity of what you have put your trust in.

You will hear from and spend time with some of the most respected and gifted men and women in today’s Christian world.

2. The Chance To Be A World Changer

The Anchor house is a place for those who want to put what they believe into action. It is a place that will give you the tools to handle the Word of God with confidence and stoke your imagination to explore what skills, gifts and abilities the Creator has built into you for the purpose of living out His love and life through you to help change the world.

3. To Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime

The location of the Anchor house on one of the most beautiful and varied places on earth will give you a chance to explore and experience wondrous things for the first time. From the marvels under the ocean to the breathtaking vistas of the Na Pali Coast or the Waimea Canyon, the jewels of God’s creation are right at your fingertips. 

Layered on to the beauty of nature is the opportunity to experience new cultures, new food and a cadence of life unique to the islands.

4. To Make Amazing Friendships

The Anchor House is a small school experience with only 40 spots for students so making friends is easy and getting lost in the crowd next to impossible. Your fellow students will come from all walks of life and backgrounds and by getting to know them it will make your life richer.

5. You Will Come Home With The Ability To Be Useful

One of the unique things about being part of the Anchor House crew is that you will have personal mentoring, much like an internship in a specific area of ministry of your choosing led by local experts in that area of service. Wherever you end up in life you will have a resume of experience doing ministry that will help bless the community of faith that you are part of.