Frequently Asked Questions

What will I study?

During the course of nine months you will study various books of the Old and New Testament as well as learning from visiting lecturers from all over the globe about science and faith, apologetics, Christian living and relationships, the church, missions and much more.

What study tools should I bring?

A Bible (NIV, NLT or ESV will be typically be the translations used), A computer or tablet

What is the total cost of the school?

The tuition for 2023-2024 is $13,00.00 – 31 weeks of schooling – this INCLUDES lodging, food and transportation to and from the airport.

What clothes should I pack?

Pack light…really light…and casual. For the most part you will be in summer like weather so shorts, t-shirts, summer dresses and flip-flops (called “rubba slippas” in Hawaii) are the norm…even in church. That said, you will want to bring, pants, a sweat shirt or medium jacket for those rare times when it gets chilly or for camping trips in the mountains. A light raincoat will come in handy as will hiking shoes and tennis shoes for playing sports. Dress occasions usually means a summer dress or aloha shirt. And don’t forget your bathing suit and a rash guard.

What is the weather like?

The easiest job in the world is said to be a Hawaii Weatherman since most days have a high of 85 degrees and a low of 75 degrees with a rain shower now and then. 

Winter in Hawaii can have some cooler days and often very wet days but the temperature rarely drops below the 60’s.

We are in the tropics where the humidity is high and the sun strong so make sure to pack a lot of sunblock and mosquito repellent. 

How is Hawaii different from the mainland?

The eight island State of Hawaii holds a unique culture and rhythm all of its own. It is a melting pot of cultures (Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Samoan, Filipino and American) that have blended their languages and customs into what is called “local style” with a dialect all it’s own (a creole called “pidgin” English) as well as foods and taboos that are unique to Hawaii alone.

(We will start your school year with helpful tips so that you can navigate this beautiful and different culture without offending those who live here.)

Centered 3000 miles from the nearest landmass, Kauai, the northernmost of the island chain, with a population of just over 70,000, is a popular vacation spot and a location used for numerous films.

Interestingly, with all the races embedded in Hawaii, the local people, unlike those in the Continental States, don’t have a problem with good-natured ethnic jokes or humor.  You can get a taste of both the sound of pidgin as well as the popular kind of comedy found in Hawaii here:

Is there a dress code?

Kauai is a tropical beach area where the dress code is relaxed. But that doesn’t mean that as believers we should throw caution to the wind and slip into a dental floss bikini. We ask that when choosing your beach wear that guys stick to board shorts and women to shorts or bathing suits that covers, not displays, your bottom. 

“Dressing up” in Hawaii means an ironed Aloha Shirt for guys and a cool flowing dress for women. Suits and ties are unknown here, but for some occasions you will want to ditch the shorts and t-shirt.

What is the living space like?

The Anchor House is a 6,500 square foot building sitting on 2 acres of land with six extra large bedrooms each with their own bathrooms that can comfortably sleep up to eight students. two large indoor living room areas, a huge kitchen and dining area as well as two big breezy lanai areas, (In Hawaii a lot of hanging out time is spent outdoors) a laundry room and resident assistant rooms.

The house is just a short walk from the Sports Center (a massive gym and a Crossfit center) as well as meeting rooms of various sizes and a media production center.

How do I do laundry?

Washers and dryers are located on the campus

Is there an age limit for students?

Students must be 18 years old to attend

Can I attend for just one semester?

Yes, but we would highly recommend staying for the whole academic year

Can I bring a surfboard?

Sure. And other than a light top, no wetsuits are needed.

How will I get around?

We don’t recommend shipping or buying a car during your stay at the Anchor house. (It is very expensive to ship from the mainland) 

Most everything you will want; the beach, the sports center, grocery stores, coffee shops etc. are within a short walk or bike ride. (We have a number of bikes for your use) For further distances there are a number of Anchor House van shuttles as well as a county bus service.

Are there accommodations for parents or guests?

Unfortunately we cannot offer housing for visitors. There are lots of vacation rentals in the area of the Anchor house. Check with VRBO or other rental outfits.

Are there scholarships for the Bible School?

Not at the present time.

Are there accommodations for married couples?

At the present time the Anchor House does not have accommodations for married couples.

How does insurance work?

We ask you to be insured via your parents insurance or take out health insurance through a private company. We can give you recommendations if you need them.

Are there transferable credits?

We are currently working on a list of colleges that will honor courses taken at the Anchor house. Stay tuned.

Are there any student work programs?

There are a limited amount of opportunities to help work off some of your tuition costs. Email us for more information.

What are the daily duties?

Other than attending lectures, students will rotate into various duties on a daily basis to help with meals and other necessities on campus. Half of one day each week is devoted to serving indoors and outside to upkeep the campus. 

How do students spend their free time?

Since they roll up the sidewalks at dark on Kauai, much of the free time is spent at the beach, hiking, biking and exploring the island. In fact we design the cadence of our teaching sessions to intentionally give our students more free time during the day while extending the learning slots into the evenings.

Is bedding supplied?

No, except for pillows and mattresses …but you can purchase bedding from Walmart, Target or Ross’s when you arrive or you can pack your own favorite sheets or even have them sent to you in advance through Amazon Prime. (Amazon Prime is a recommended way to get things you desire that are not typically available on a small island such as Kauai.)

NOTE: A light sleeping bag is a good idea for camping excursions. 

How many students can attend?

The Anchor House currently will hold up to 40 students.

Do you have a statement of faith?

Yes, you can read it here: https://www.kauaichristian.org/about-us/what-we-believe/