You Can See Better From Here

Perspective is everything.
Most of us live in a very small world full of experiences, customs, ideas
and actions that we assume most everyone else shares as well.
Of course all you have to do is to travel a bit and you’ll find out quickly that
there are lots of differences in how people act and think. And a good swath of
those people assume that most of the others in the world think and act as they
This is because being earth bound creatures we all have limitations and
boundaries that tend to inhibit us from seeing things from other people’s
experiences let alone God’s perspective.

The apostle Paul noted that even for Christians we “see things imperfectly,
like puzzling reflections in a mirror” and it is only in our eventual exit from this ball
of dirt that we will be able to have God’s angle on all things.
But that doesn’t mean we are stuck in small thinking.
The Anchor House experience is one of a journey to a place where a
student can better see things as God does, a place where vistas are unhindered
by the tangles and weeds of our small thinking world. A place where the hard
questions suddenly become less difficult due to the introduction of a
timeless and undiscovered perspective.
This does not mean trying to fit Kingdom concepts into the small cheap
container of modern culture but rather helping young men and women scale the
big ideas of historic Christianity in order to see more clearly both the chaos of the
world’s form of wisdom and the magnificent wonders of God.
The view is truly better up here, the intellectual air cleaner and the
expanse of God’s power and thoughts greater. Perhaps you or someone you
know would like to take the climb with us.
The journey starts September of this year.