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Anchor House Schedule 2022-2023

Grand Opening | September 9, 2022

Fall School | September 9 – December 9, 2022

Christmas Break | December 9 – January 4

Winter/Spring School | January 4 – May 19, 2023

(Spring Break will be March 19th-26th with a variety of options available)

Tuition | $12,500.00 – 31 weeks of schooling

Getting on Board

We are now accepting applications for the fall 2022 semester.  Keep in mind that this is an experience limited this year to 40 students so space is at a premium. 

Please go to the following link for application information.

To Apply

Simply push the button and download the forms. 

Carefully read and fill out the forms intended for you and return them to the Anchor House with a registration fee.

Pass on the reference forms to your Pastor or Youth Pastor and another adult who knows you well. (Make sure to give them a stamped envelope addressed to the Anchor House or our email if they plan to send the forms digitally)