Anchor House Crew

Rick Bundschuh

Wearing the Captain’s Hat at the Anchor House is Rick Bundschuh, a veteran surfer, Youth Pastor, Bible Teacher as well as writer, cartoonist, humorist and one of the founding Pastors who launched both Kauai Christian Fellowship along with this new experience. Still active in the ocean at the tender age of 71, Rick, when dry, is one of the regular staff teachers at the Anchor House as well as a Teaching Pastor at Kauai Christian Fellowship. And he and his wife Lauren happen to live next door to the school as well. While they may not know it, most of our students are already kind of familiar with Rick through the book he wrote for Bethany Hamilton called Soul Surfer. With Dr. Pepper in hand, Rick will often be found “talking story” with students or sneaking a few out for a surf session at one of his favorite secret spots.

Nate Scribner

Who is that snapping a massive cutback on that wave? It has to be Nate Scribner, the Anchor House co-leader, Tour Guide, Worship Leader and Go-To Guy for lots of the nuts and bolts in everyday living.

Born and raised in Santa Monica, Nate spent time on the football field and in the ocean and in-between graduated with honors from Pepperdine College in Malibu and dove deep in the film business with a specialty in creating motocross action movies. (Check out his 3 part series called The Year of Jubilee here: )

A natural goofball, Nate and his wife Allegra (who was born and raised on Kauai) share not only a wild sense of humor, but also a deep, solid faith in Christ.

As the Pastoral presence at the Anchor House, Nate helps students navigate learning to live in community and balance studies with service and simply having fun.

Emily Curry

While almost every week a new guest lecturer will arrive on the scene to bring their specialty to our students, there is a regular crew that you can count on to make sure that you not only have great learning experiences and adventures but also working showers, transportation to shopping malls and hot meals. Especially great tasting hot meals!

In charge of the Anchor House Galley we are happy to welcome aboard and introduce to you Miss Emily Curry. 

Hailing originally from New England and a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, Emily has served as kitchen administrator on Kauai once before and is returning from a sojourn in Mississippi to take the helm where all things that are delicious tasting come from. 

Bright and bubbly, Emily finds joy in serving her master Jesus by serving others and we thought it was important for those of you planning on joining us at the Anchor House this year to know the “hand that feeds you”…and also teaches you how to make a great cup of coffee.

Morgen Schmidt

Morgen Schmidt might be from Alaska but there is none of that northern state’s  chilliness about her. 

Serving the Anchor House as Co-leader, Morgen brings her upbeat, joyful personality right along with her. (Often along for the ride is Zion her new son born early 2022)

But the Anchor House is not Morgen’s first rodeo when it comes to staffing, she, along with her husband Kyler, have served this very same way in the past and so was quick pick for the role of a mature young woman to connect with other women a few years younger than herself.

A graduate of Summit Christian College, Morgen not only has lots of ministry experience but she also is a jewelry maker and as a former barista, will make sure that the coffee served at the Anchor House is up to snuff.  And she even has been known to sneak out into the waves from time to time.