The Rhythm of the Islands

When one thinks of the island lifestyle one rarely thinks of “nose to the grindstone” industry or streets full of well heeled business people walking fast paced and head down into their sky scraper cubical.

Instead we see visions of sun-drenched people lying in hammocks swinging in the gentle trade winds and being serviced by attractive ladies holding trays of iced beverages in coconuts with umbrellas sticking out of them.  All are well tanned  with nowhere to go and nothing to do…except relax.

The reality is somewhere in the middle. 

The true rhythm of the island is that of hard working people…who also know how to relax…or “hang loose”.

People have to get to work on time, but they also will politely wave in waiting cars on the slow two-lane highway. And there is “island time” but it simply means a “bit more relaxed” not “throw away your watch”.

And appropriately, the Anchor House has tuned its teaching schedule to the rhythm of the island.

We will get down to business all morning and then after lunch let our students run loose to enjoy the sun, surf…or hammocks.

Our evenings will get busy again in school related things because, frankly, the sidewalks are rolled up after dark on Kauai and night time is “feeding time” in the ocean.

And to make sure that our students respect the island’s working folks, we will take Sunday and Monday off (not Saturday) so that the people who live here have a little more space on their favorite beach.

So you can get an idea of what the “typical” school week looks like we have posted a sample. But keep in mind that an actual week at the Anchor House could look delightfully and wonderfully different.