Many Hands

Christianity is ultimately a team endeavor.

Our faith starts individually as a full surrender of ourselves to the will and desires of God, but very soon we find that we are commissioned to live out our faith with others who have likewise put their trust in Christ.

And this is where it gets interesting in both a challenging way and in an enriching way.

God does amazing things with individuals but He does even more amazing things with a group of people.

A soloist can make wonderful music by they can never achieve the stunning complexity of an orchestra. 

In the same way many hands can make not only quick or “light work” but magnificent work as well. Witness the fact from the video above where dozens of people showed up to plant the panax hedges that line the road of the Anchor house. (A job that took only a few hours rather than a few days by a solo worker)

As we travel shoulder to shoulder with other believers we find that some of our unrealized, but annoying “rough edges” get rubbed off. This is often how God uses other believers to do His transforming purposes.

At the Anchor House there is no escaping being part of God’s big team, a team that will sometimes unwittingly scrape against your rough spots but also a team that will help mold you into His image.