What’s On The Menu?

What specifically does a school of the Bible teach?

Well, naturally a Bible School teaches books of the Old and New Testament. 

During this coming year of school at the Anchor House our students will be immersed in the books of Romans, Luke, Exodus, Hosea, 1st Peter, Philemon, James, 1st Kings, Isaiah, Ephesians, Ecclesiastes, Daniel and Nehemiah… to name a few. 

Along side of these core main course studies students will learn about relationships, Kingdom economics, apologetics, science and faith, comparative religions, missions & culture, Christian living, Jesus in the Old Testament, Worship, how to teach the Bible, discipleship, hermeneutics and more.

And then there is the “hands on” stuff.

Depending on which area of ministry is signed up for, a student might find themselves learning how to create compelling stories behind a camera or with a computer, they may learn how to direct wild and wacky games for Middle School kids or they may sharpen their skill in teaching Bible stories creatively to children, putting together a rip roaring weekend retreat for young adults, creating and recording original worship music or making connections for Christ on a basketball court.


On top of the goodies being brought by visiting and local scholars, the Anchor House crew will learn what it is like to live in community and to navigate a uniquely different culture. 

And some nights our crew will simply be munching popcorn at our fabulous and provocative “Movies That Get You Talking” night or raising their voices in an evening of praise.

Of course this doesn’t even take into account the various adventures around the island that are the real dessert of the Anchor House experience.

So as you can see, the menu is a full one and if you have a hankering for what is being offered, make your reservations now, seating is limited.