Meet The Anchor House Neighbors

Thirty paces from the back porch of the Anchor House is a whole different
world; acres and acres of untouched land now strewn with cactus and mesquite
trees and inhabited by a small herd of cattle and goats as well as lots of chickens.
(This land is government owned but leased to a local cowboy)
Looking out at this scenery one might think they landed in Texas rather than

With the arrival of explores and traders the island population were soon
adding steaks and drumsticks to their menu of boar meat and fish and licking their
lips for other exotic goodies their world had never known.
Hearing the mooing and bleating from the other side of the fence with the
ocean in the distance, will remind students that in spite of what they see and
hear…they are not in Kansas anymore, especially if they spin around to see the
banana patch and coconut trees sprouting around the Anchor House property.
Diversity abounds both in the natural surroundings as well as the student
body who come from different places and backgrounds and bring their accents,
experiences and culture into a place where the culture of the Kingdom of God is the
thing that unites us all.