The View From Here

We put a time-lapse camera on a pole near the Anchor House construction site. 

             The idea was to give people an inkling of our progress as well as having a documented record of the whole project that we can watch in awe when there are students pouring out of the spaces where only sticks of lumber now appear.

We think it is interesting to watch the stages of development of any project and for that matter, even a person. 

All of us are works in progress…and as continuing works in progress there may come a day when our personal construction comes to an end that God gives us a time-lapse glimpse of how we grew and flourished…or for some, sadly, how they sprouted and then deteriorated. 

But for right now, the view from here is, as C.S. Lewis once said about the progress of faith; “Further up and further in”.

So please keep checking back to see what is happening with construction of the Anchor House. We hope it might someday be you pouring out of what is currently sticks of lumber.