Uniquely Different

There are lots of ways to stretch, grow and learn.
Some people are self-taught using the tools of books, media and observation to
develop their skill.
Many take the traditional role of higher education in a college of four years or more.
A growing number harken back to the old method of apprenticeship and shadow a
craftsman until they develop the skill to replicate their trade.
And for some it is a uniquely different mishmash of all of these methods.

The learning experience at the Anchor House promises to be a delightful mishmash.
Almost weekly a guest lecturer, experts in their field, will fly into Kauai and impart
their knowledge via book studies of the Bible, apologetics or Christian living.

These teachers, along with a cadre of local talent will live and eat at the Anchor
House and be available for deeper conversations after class.

In addition students will be personally mentored by team experts in a specific area
of ministry of their choosing such as youth ministry, children’s ministry, worship,
sports ministry, camping ministry and media arts. This part of the experience is
outside of the classroom and imbedded deep within the local community.

And of course there is the growth that comes from meeting new people from all over
the world and doing life together for nine months on an island 3000 miles from the
nearest landmass.

To be among the forty students for this once in a lifetime experience will truly be
something uniquely different…and wonderful.