Only 40

Only 40

We don’t want to grow our Bible school…at least numerically.

When was the last time you heard a school say that?  Well, not growing past 40 students is part of the intentional design of the Anchor House.

Here are some of the reasons why.

We don’t want to have our students lost in the crowd.

The Anchor is a school, but it is also a community, a family and a band of brothers and sisters. At a smaller number the relationships go deeper and richer.

We value that.

We want our students to be useful and to get their hands dirty in ministry.

Because on top of daily studies, each Anchor House student is being mentored in an area of ministry which they chose, a smaller crew means that the experience has a high touch value that can only come when the apprentice is handed the tools of that particular ministry and invited to try it themselves.

We want to have wide arms and a small footprint.

Kauai is a small place. Things happen here mostly by relationship. With a mobile number of students we can quickly build relational bridges with local residents while not becoming a massive mob when we show up at a local beach or at our local restaurant for a slice of Hula Pie. 

We want our students to have a chance to interact personally with our teaching staff.

The Anchor House pool of talented speakers and teachers covers the gamut. Got questions about the Bible and science? Where else would you get a chance to sit at the same lunch table with a renown Christian astrophysicist and personally ply them with questions. Where else could you find yourself playing your instrument next to one of the best-known worship leaders in the world or lounging in the sun and picking the brain of a brilliant author, inspiring thought leader or daring missionary?

That’s why 40 students are the limit.

We hope you are one of them. We are filling up fast for the 23-24 school year. Pray about it and if God gives you the nudge, send in your application soon.