A Good Time To Make The Decision

What am I designed for?
What would be the best environment to prepare me for the future?
How can I feel more confident in my Christian faith?
How do I scratch the itch for adventure and still stretch and grow?

These are some of the questions that most every young man or woman ponder as they roll through their college age years.
And of course, the answers may vary.

Watching the growth, confidence and developing maturity of the students who are now wrapping up the first year of the Anchor House experience, it is obvious that those questions which prompted them to come aboard have been answered.

As they brush the sand off their feet and empty their rooms to return home, they will be different young men and women than when they came nine months ago. Along with the photos on their phones will be a trunk full of memories and the sense that they have experienced what it is like to have been a band of brothers and sisters in a deeper way than they could have imagined. Along with tanned muscles will be the strength of their convictions and understanding of their faith.

Currently dozens of more young men and women are lined up to take their place for 2023-24.
It is a small school that holds only 40 students, but perhaps it is the place where God is directing you to get the answers you are asking yourself.

If so, this would be a very good time to make that decision…while there are spaces still open.

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