Help From Across The Sea

Rick Werts is a mason by trade, the owner of a construction company based in the state of Kansas. But being a mason is not his real vocation, it is a skill in the tool box of his actual job; a minister of the Gospel.

We tend to think of people in ministry as those who deliver a sermon in church or teach Bible studies, but guys like Rick are Christians who feel called to use their skills, talents and resources to partner in creating the places where ministry can be done.

On his own dime, Rick has travelled all over the world helping various missions and ministries with his skill.

He has had his heart broken in India as he saw the hopelessness that severe poverty brings and he has trudged through jungles and deserts in service of ministries who needed him.

And Rick even showed up on Kauai to lend a hand with block work on the Anchor House…all out his own pocket.

As Rick tells it, his reason for leaving Kansas and heading to the Anchor House construction site was because he believes in the mission that the school is all about. He wants to see the location he threw his sweat and effort into becoming a nest that hatches future faith leaders, better husbands, wives, parents, wiser business people and laborers and more shimmering Christ followers.

We thank Rick and men and women like him who through their gifts, their resources and their ideas are making the Anchor House a reality to the glory of God.