Different By Design

The Anchor House School of the Bible has been designed to be different. 

It is small, only 40 students. 

It is as experience driven, as it is intellectually stimulating. 

It is a family more than it is a school. 

It has its own personality but is also embedded into the life of the Kauai Christian Fellowship community.

It is designed to help students discover how the risen Christ lives in and through them rather than being focused on achieving high marks with classwork.

It honors the ancient creeds of the Faith and the Bible as God’s word but communicates and expresses those truths in ways that make sense in everyday life.

One of the things which makes the Anchor House unique is the vast array of fascinating Bible teachers who stop in to lecture for a week. Many of these lecturers are well known experts in their field and have given their time to share wisdom from their arena of specialties with our students.  

Our guest teachers are typically housed in the Anchor House Guest Quarters (We have a private 530sq foot studio with a bath reserved for our guest lecturers) and will often share meals and be available for conversations outside of the classroom.

We work hard and we play hard.

We will normally have between 12 and 16 hours of class time each week with Sunday and Mondays set aside for worship, relaxation, exploration and adventure. 

The Anchor House experience is designed to knit students into practical ministries and into the Ohana of the local community who, from time to time will invite them into their homes. (Just make sure to leave your shoes at the door) 

Our attendees may only be here for nine months but they will make lifetime friends on the island.