Up Quick and Then Slow

One of the interesting things about construction projects is the perceived speed and slowness of the job.

At first little seems to be accomplished as the work is mostly on ground level with grading, compacting and pouring a foundation, a process that seems to drag on and on. 

Then suddenly, wood stud walls start to go up, often two or three sides of the house a day giving the skeleton appearance of the final building.

Then the roof is slapped on and the siding put in place. 

All these things seem to happen quickly.

And the it is back to slow as the plumbers, electricians, dry wall crews take their turns.

Often our Christian life grows in similar spurts or long haul seasons. There are times where we sense our heart and mind blooming with things of God and there are times where our growth is slow…almost unnoticeable, much more internal than external.

This is the beautiful but complex cadence of how God seems to work in the lives of most of those who seek him.

For example, an experience such as the Anchor House may, for many, be like drinking from a fire hose, but it is not an experience to try to duplicate over and over again as our lives take on spiritual growth in a different way and a different pace.