Water Tight

The roof is on, the waterproof under materials, shingles and siding is going
up. The Anchor House is now water tight, dry and within a few months ready to host
a family of students from all over the world.
Watching the construction one is reminded on how God does his work of
construction in our lives.
First clearing the rubble of sin and replacing it with the foundation of His
Word and the promise of His forgiveness and then, piece by piece, beginning to build
in us the very design of who he made us to be.
It is a lifetime project, full of vital ideas and principals that support the rest of
the lesser additions. Our Master designer and builder makes each of us different,
unique and useful for His purposes.
And he also makes us water tight, designed to hold fast against the torrents
of life that beat against us from time to time.
But it is a process, one board, one nail, one shingle at a time.
The end product of the place now under construction is to be part of God’s
formation process in the lives of every young man or woman who passes through
the doorframe, that they will be more solid, more stable and more water tight in
their faith.
Perhaps you know someone for whom 9 months of focused spiritual
construction would be help. If so, please let them know about the Anchor House as
our 40 spaces will fill up quickly.
And of course, perhaps it is you who might need to be a little more watertight. If so, welcome aboard.