Specialized Ministry Opportunities

Besides a deep understanding of the Bible, the Anchor House experience is designed to be trained and have apprenticeship opportunities through partnership with Kauai Christian Fellowship (www.kauaichristian.org) in specialized areas such as: Middle School or High School youth ministry, Sports Ministry, Worship and Media Arts, Children’s Ministry and Camping Ministry.

Youth Ministry

Learn the skills of creating and sustaining a vibrant youth ministry with an emphasis on outreach. From fun and games to how to lead a meaningful Bible Study and disciple teens, you will learn not in theory but in hands on ministry.

Sports Ministry

Using sports as a tool to share Christ with those outside the church, become part of our team who creates and helps with sporting events and activities for young and old.

Worship and Media Arts

Grab a guitar, camera or computer and find your niche along side of scores of other talented musicians and content creators who lead worship, teach music, make and edit movies or work behind the scenes.

Children’s Ministry

Develop the skills needed to communicate the ideas of the Bible to young hears as well as create programming and camps designed especially for kids.

Camping Ministry

Become part of the team that creates, plans, recruits and runs Christian camping opportunities for young people, teens and kids.

Not only will you have broadened your knowledge of the Scriptures but also you will be prepared to serve in whatever community of Faith you land in once you leave the school.