An Element of Adventure

Life on Kauai is very much an outdoor life. Within a circular island only 30 miles in diameter is amazing diversity and stunning beauty. From warm sandy beaches to wet rain forests to cool mountain tops bristling with pine, cedar and Sequoia redwood trees as well as numerous rivers running to the sea, this island is unique. (And there are no snakes or deadly creatures prowling around the island either!)

And then of course there is the ocean. World class surf spots, fishing, diving and sailing all beckon those looking for adventure…and we will help you find it.

At the Anchor House you will see God’s fingerprints all over the creation right outside your door and His ocean creation less than a mile away.

In addition to nature-based activities, the Anchor House also has access to the Kauai Christian Fellowship Sport Center, which is located next door and has all the traditional team sports available as well as a Crossfit Gym.