A Blessing

There is a very cool custom in Hawaii that I have not found anywhere else in the United States. It is called “A Blessing”.

When a new building breaks ground or store is opened, when a State highway project is unveiled for use there is a blessing.

It is public and it happens for projects that are government run or secular.

The blessing is simply a prayer of thanks and request for safety or success that offered to God for the particular endeavor.

This custom harkens back to the time when Hawaii was actually a Christian nation. When it became a state, the custom remained.

In the early summer of 2021 the plans for the Anchor House had been approved and funding secured. It was time for the bulldozers to break ground…but not before there was a blessing.

On Sunday afternoon the leadership of Kauai Christian Fellowship and the board of the Anchor House gathered with the folks who would be doing construction for a short blessing.

We prayed for safety on the job, we gave thanks for God’s provision and His fingerprints on this enterprise and we asked that what would soon take place on the red dirt of a field on Kauai would be a blessing to all nations.