The Anchor House

Welcome to The Anchor House

One of the great ironies of our age is that almost all Christians carry the Bible with them all the time (as an app on their phone) but so few of them actually spend much time reading, thinking or contemplating what is being said within.

Among those who claim to be followers of Christ there is an amazing amount of Biblical illiteracy. 

Over and over again we meet young adults who are quickly baffled when it comes to responding to what is being passed off as “wisdom” by those in secular culture.

We sensed that something deeper and foundational was missing in the understanding of so many of these future leaders of the Christian community and it became the impetus for creation of a place where this could take place.

The goal became to offer to young adults a rigorous year long experience of solid teaching and mentoring that would point them to the power of the indwelling risen Christ and prepare them for a world that is more and more hostile to the historical worldview of the Christian faith.

In late 2019 Kauai Christian Fellowship purchased two acres of land a short stroll from their six acre camp and committed it to the purpose of stepping into the gap between the secular world and the undeveloped thinking of young believers. We wanted to make a place that would provide a lifelong tether to sound Godly thinking and eternal principles.

We called it The Anchor House.